Why Today Feels Like Deja Vu…


So you woke up this morning feeling like you’ve been in this exact place before.  Different day, but the same problems…  Life appears to be repeating itself, you’re fed up, and the challenges you’re faced with has gotten the best of you.   Weighed down, weak, stressed to the max, tired of being tired, frustrated, and ready to throw in the towel, so now you find yourself asking “Lord, why is this happening to me AGAIN?”   I’ve heard many times throughout my life, “God will repeatedly test you until you finally pass the test”.  This tends to be said when life appears to be at its worst…  So many times we automatically assume God Is testing our faith, character, and our love for Him.   Today, I want to challenge you to look at it differently … Not to look at it as a “test”, but a “prep course” or a “life applicable” moment.

Did you know every struggle we face is not a test?  Every opposition we come up against is not a test?  Every low moment we endure is not a test?  God’s purpose is not always to test our strength, but reveal our strength…  Because He knows what’s ahead, He sometimes uses moments in which we feel are unbearable to prepare; equip; anoint and appoint us for future moments in our lives.   God uses these things not only to build our character (Click “HERE” to read more)

CD Review: Lenny Kravitz


I’ve never been a huge fan of Lenny Kravitz, but I do like many of his singles that he’s released over the years (“Fly Away”, “Come Get It” and “Are You Gonna Go My Way? “). In fact, I don’t own any of his albums. But after I heard “The Chamber” (a song where he recounts giving his heart to a cold blooded lover who took him for granted) and a few other songs from his new album, Strut, I decided to take a gamble and check it out.Strut is an album that many hard core fans have been eagerly anticipating. The music video for “The Chamber” is very the theatrical and looks like a seductive scene from a movie. Lenny Kravitz wrote and produced all of the songs on the album and actually has created a very enjoyable sound.

There are no featured artists throughout the entire album, unless you count Woody Harrelson’s contribution to hand claps on “I’m A Believer” as an appearance. Strutopens with the infectious and calmly demanding “Sex”. He sings, “Hold me/Love me/Call my name/ I just want you to feel me/Breathe me”. This song has a throwback appeal with loud guitars that make it a great way to kick off the album. “Dirty White Boots” on the other hand is a bit more gut bucket and finds Lenny Kravits screaming, “You know you turn me in/In your dirty white boots”. Hey, everybody’s got their thing and I guess dirty white boots are a fantasy of his. Either way, this is another fun, high energy track on the album.

“New York City”, which he just shot a music video for, is a tribute to his beloved city that’s part blues and part soft rock. His voice is smoother, although still loud here, and less gritty than some of the other tracks (Click “Lenny CD Review” to read more)


Fall Residue Management

Truth:  What’s ahead is better than what is behind…  Keep moving forward…

With any storm, be it Hail, Tornado, Hurricane, Flooding, or Fire, some form of damage is left behind to remind us of what has happened.  Roofs are torn, cars dented, floors flooded, and many are left homeless due to the loss of what they worked years to build.

Life after a storm for some is very difficult.  The memories of what once was have crippled them, and now they struggle with walking into a better future for themselves.  Just like the afterlife of a natural storm, many people are currently living in a world filled with residue.  They’ve come out of the storm, yet the damage has left their minds shaken, hearts broken, and spirits crushed from the wear and tear.

Crippled and afflicted,  they’ve taken resident in the residue we know as brokenness.  The memories of the bad relationship, job, childhood abuse has become a tumor in their minds leaving them paralyzed.  God has delivered, healed, and restored them, but because their minds are filled with afflicting thoughts, they can’t receive the healing.  Thoughts of unworthiness, undeserving, and self depreciating words are cataracts of the spirit.

What I know for sure is… Residue is left behind for us to see we’re out of the storm.  It should serve as a reminder   (Click “Residue” to read more)

Are You A Stingy Sipper?


If you’ve ever been to a wine tasting, then you know it can be quite an exciting experience. Basically, you have the chance to taste many different red and white wines that may be sweet, spicy, bland or crisp. But you have to drink (or I guess pour out if you don’t like it) each sample before you can move on to the next. Some of us still haven’t grasped this wine tasting concept when it comes to our everyday lives. Are you sitting at the table demanding for someone to pour you a glass of love, trust, money or success, while never emptying from it? Contrary to popular belief, those who give really experience the spice of life. They have the opportunity to taste (and receive) the best life has to offer.


Have you ever met someone that only wants to receive and never wants to give anything? Everything is about their hurt, their interests, their faults and their accomplishments. Geeshhh….I’m getting a headache just thinking about it. Many times we may think we’re savoring the best (Click “Sipper” to read more)

How To Gain A Woman’s Interest In 30 Seconds…



Okay, it’s Friday and I thought I would write something lite and easy….

So here we go…

Men, here are 7 “MUST HAVES” to gain a woman’s attention in 30 seconds…

Confidence:  If you lack confidence, you can hang it up, at least if you’re looking for a “good” woman…  When walking into the room, OWN IT…  A woman can spot a weak man by his walk, stance, and the way in which he carries himself…   If you’re out with your buddies, don’t compete with them, this only shows weakness.  Manhood is not a completion, nor a race…  If you want the trophy (woman), be the strong hunter you are, and you’ll take home the prize at the end of the night (Sometimes literally).

Eye Contact:  Let her know you’re interested without being creepy…  Attraction is two-sided, so let her know you have your eye on her.  If she’s interested, she’s going to return the favor… Our eyes tell a story before we even open our mouth…  Real Talk:  If you can’t look directly into a woman’s eyes, an instant red flag goes up.  Also, if you’re wearing sunglasses at night or in a club, not only does it say you’re immature, but lack confidence and common sense…

Appearance: Hugo Boss, Prada, Ted Baker are all wonderful designers, but not needed to catch a woman.  Men, if you want to catch her, keep it simple.  Some of you were born with an eye for what works, but there are those of you needing a little help.  If you’re one who needs help, here’s a great tip:  In a recent poll it was revealed women love men in a V-Neck T-Shirt and Jeans… BUTTTTT, the shirt must be crisp, clean, no sweat stains under the arm pits, no rips created over time, AND your shoes MUST be nice…  If you can’t afford to have them professionally shined and polished, take a little time before stepping out and do it yourself…  Your shoes tell more about you than your resume…

Well Groom:  Manicure, pedicure, haircut, shaved (Click “Woman’s Interest” to read more)

Why “Time To Heal” Is Needed After A Relationship

Mary J. Blige

I’m so excited about today’s song because I believe the lyrics speak to where a lot of you are today…  Mary J. is back and if the song I’ve chosen is an indication of the entire CD, I predict multiple Grammy’s for her.  I’ve never purchased or been a huge Mary J. fan, but she has just won me over…  Check our Peauxetic Expressions review; click “Mary J. Review”

Today, I want to break down the lyrics to “Whole Damn Year”.  This song speaks to those of you who may have just come out of what can be considered a “Bad Relationship”.  Throughout the song, Mary J. sings about how it took a whole year to repair her body (life), trust again, and allow someone else into her heart.  The standout stanza is actually at the very beginning of the song

That’s how deep the pain is

Oh you just couldn’t believe

And yes it seems good on the surface

But I’m a mess underneath

Winter took most of my heart

Spring punched me right in the stomach

Summer came looking for blood

And by autumn I was left with nothing

It took a whole damn year to repair my body, it’s been a bad five years

Gonna take a long year for me to trust somebody

Gonna take a long year for me to touch somebody, it’s been a bad five years


All I can say is, WOW….  One of the biggest mistakes we sometimes make when coming out of a relationship is not taking time to heal.  Whether it was a “good” or “bad” relationship, time is needed to analyze, examine, focus and repair ourselves.  It has been said the easiest way to get over someone is to find someone new…  As a result of this type of thinking,  there are so many hurt and broken people on the dating scene.  Never allowing the proper and much needed time to heal left them with a scabbed (façade, games, etc.) covered wound (heart) – (Yes it seems good on the surface, but I’m a mess underneath).

Time, whether it’s a month, year, or 2 – 5 years should be taken after coming out of a relationship.  Side Note:  Just because the relationship you just left could be perceived as a “good” relationship, time is still needed to examine.  If you’re not in it any longer, something was wrong.  Was it you?  Him/her? Whatever the cause of the breakup, take time to examine the situation to avoid it in the future.

So let’s talk about “bad relationship’s”… Now I’ve been in a few of these before and I must tell you, these lyrics describe it perfectly….  While “in” or “coming out” of a bad relationship, you go through seasons of emotions… One minute you’re hurt, the next angry, the next an emotional wreck, the next moment you feel it hurt so bad you’ve been punched not only in the stomach, but the face as well…  After you’ve been a passenger on this emotional roller coaster for months or possibly years, you finally reach the place of “Emotional Depletion” (autumn).  You’re numb to love, happiness, and joy…  You’re emotionally drained and putting up a fight seems impossible, you have nothing.

So why is “time” crucial?  Well because if it’s a bad relationship you’re coming out of, YOU’RE DAMAGED GOODS…   If it’s a “good” relationship you’re coming out of, there’s a possibility as well, YOU’RE DAMAGED GOODS…  Allowing yourself time to heal only benefits you in the future…   Jumping into a new relationship doesn’t fix the problem; it only delays the healing process and occupies your mind.  The danger of a rebound is you invite a completely innocent person into your mess.  Because you haven’t healed, you’re (Click “Time” to read more)