Why Today Feels Like Deja Vu…


So you woke up this morning feeling like you’ve been in this exact place before.  Different day, but the same problems…  Life appears to be repeating itself, you’re fed up, and the challenges you’re faced with has gotten the best of you.   Weighed down, weak, stressed to the max, tired of being tired, frustrated, and ready to throw in the towel, so now you find yourself asking “Lord, why is this happening to me AGAIN?”   I’ve heard many times throughout my life, “God will repeatedly test you until you finally pass the test”.  This tends to be said when life appears to be at its worst…  So many times we automatically assume God Is testing our faith, character, and our love for Him.   Today, I want to challenge you to look at it differently … Not to look at it as a “test”, but a “prep course” or a “life applicable” moment.

Did you know every struggle we face is not a test?  Every opposition we come up against is not a test?  Every low moment we endure is not a test?  God’s purpose is not always to test our strength, but reveal our strength…  Because He knows what’s ahead, He sometimes uses moments in which we feel are unbearable to prepare; equip; anoint and appoint us for future moments in our lives.   God uses these things not only to build our character (Click “HERE” to read more)


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