Day 11: Becoming The Person You Want To Date


Surprise…  It’s Day 11 of the 28 Day “Becoming The Person You Want To Date” Challenge…  Just checking to see how you’re doing…  “We Attract Who We Are”, if your words aren’t matching your actions, you’re not going to get what you say you want…  Check out this video and get back on track to becoming who you want to date…

Why Your Man Hates Your Friends

I think we all have that friend who is willing to offer their advice at any given moment…  The friend who doesn’t put up with anything, but secretly accept everything…  The friend who feels you’re crazy for allowing the things your man dishes out, yet they don’t have one…  The friend who preaches happiness, but deep in their heart they’re miserable, bitter, and broken… Maybe you have this friend or maybe you are this friend, if so brace yourself, it’s about to get ugly up in here today…

People tell me all the time “You’re so private”, and this is the furthest thing from the truth.  I’m not private, I just don’t share my business with YOU…  I’ve realized the best kept secrets are those you never tell, but many of you reading this post haven’t been burned bad enough to embrace this lesson yet. You’ve loss great relationships because of your friends.  You told everything going on in your life to people who later told everyone else.  You shared in moments of anger the problems you were having with your man, later got over it, yet they were still holding on to it and took it out on your man the next time they saw him.

So why does your man hate your friends?  Is it because they exposed him for (Click “HERE” to read more)

You’re Camouflaged

Maybe you know or have heard of this kat…  He’s plastered all over Social Media, probably has been the topic of discussion with some of your single girlfriends before, and he’s the guy even some married women wished they would have met before marrying the guy they’re currently chained to.   He’s never been named one of People Magazines “Sexiest Man Alive”, but there are millions of single women waiting in line to drop their panties or raise their skirts (those who choose not to wear any) for him. He is the “Perfect Guy”, the one your father would be proud to call his son, and the man your mother would cuss you out if you let him go… Throughout history single women have waited for someone just like him, but many of them were overlooked because they were camouflaged within the crowd…  I’m talking about BOAZ…

I’m (Click “HERE” to read more)

Nobody’s Playing Games But YOU!!!

Many of you have missed out on some good men/women all because YOU got in the way…  They were everything you asked for, but you weren’t ready to receive it.  Life introduced you to your dreams…  You know the dream of being involved with someone who is supportive, caring and smart, good looking, someone who has dreams of a family, and a person who is genuinely interested in you…  They were ready to commit, but because you weren’t used to someone who is attentive, you pushed them away….

“Something ain’t right here, nobody is this nice, they must want something” ran through your mind, but what wasn’t right is YOUR THINKING…  Repeatedly you say you want someone who is complimentary and attentive, and when they come around, you believe they’re playing games…    You believe they’re playing games because you’re not used to someone treating you the way a man/woman should be treated.  You’re not used to someone complimenting you, wanting to talk with you, and someone wanting to be around you.    You want a challenge, someone who plays hard to get; A thug, someone who’s going to make you chase after them, but ain’ t nobody got time for that ish…  YOU NEED TO GROW WHAT THEY CALL THE HELL UP…   No real, mature and serious man/woman has time to be chasing anyone because they’re busy chasing destiny.

I’ve said it a thousand times (Click “HERE” to read more)

Week 2: Become The Person You Want To Date


Check out Week 1:

Are you wondering why love continues to pass you by?  Well  we’re 7 days in…  Check out this video to find out the rules and instructions for the next 7 days of “Becoming The Person You Want To Date” Challenge…  Tips on finding the person you want to love…  For more information check out

4 Ways To Know You’ve Moved On From Your Ex

Note:  If the person in any way was mentally or physically abusive towards you, this blog is not for you.  Your reasons for the way you feel are understandable…

I’m always baffled when hearing people say they’ve blocked, unfriend, or deleted their “ex”.   It’s like they’re trying to prove the point they’ve moved on and want them completely out of their life, but did you know it takes energy to block, unfriend, and delete your “ex”?  You give power to someone who doesn’t deserve it?  Well today I want to share with you “4 Ways To Know You’ve Moved On From Your Ex” .

So here we go…

  •  You Don’t Give A Damn If They Call You Or Not…  When you’ve completely moved on you don’t have to block your ex from your phone, Social Media Pages, nor do you have to delete their email address.  Your “ex” could repeatedly call, email and text, but it would take a miracle for them to get answer.   When you’ve reached the point of no return, God would have to get up from His throne, come down to earth and answer your phone, hack your email, and log into your accounts Himself in order for your ex to get an answer.  Prove to yourself you’ve moved on by not blocking their number, allowing him/her to reachout if they choose to and when they do, you don’t answer…

  • You Don’t (Click “HERE” to read more)

Would You Still “LIKE” Me?

If people only knew right before you snapped that beautiful picture which earned you over 450 “Likes”, your husband had just slammed you up against the wall, maybe then they wouldn’t want a marriage like yours, right?  If they only knew how each day you swallow “fat burners” and “water pills”, unable to sleep from all the energy boosters throughout the day, and how you shoot steroids into your thighs, maybe then they wouldn’t want your abs, right?  If they could only see you lying on the floor in a fetal position crying out to God asking him “Why did He make you this way?”, just maybe they wouldn’t want your life, right?

Many of you reading this post are unhappy with your life all because you’re comparing it to what (Click “HERE” to read more)