WTHW: Tri Cup Foolery



For many people, the dating scene is extremely hard these days. There are more people than a little bit who are posing fake identities, have tempers shorter than a lit stick of dynamite, and more issues to carry than an airport baggage claim. There are some that love the thrill of the chase in finding that one needle in a hay stack that makes it all worthwhile. Then, there are others who simply can’t deal and go to drastic measures to turn the tables in their favor. That’s exactly what 21 year old Jasmine Tridevil did….by adding a 3rd breast to her body. WTH?!

Yes, Jasmine got so tired of the dating scene (at 21 years of age…really?), that she decided to surgically add a third breast smack dab in the middle of her preexisting natural ones. And what exactly did she think this would do? Lure men away from her. The pricey surgery cost her $20,000 and needless (Click “Tri Cup” To Read More )


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