Are You A “For Now” Or “Forever”???

Have you ever wondered why people treat you the way they do?  Why others tend to focus on themselves first and think about you later???  Is it because they’re selfish???  Possibly…  Is it because they’re trifflin???  Possibly…  Is it because you allow it???  Most definitely…  But when you think about it, people treat you horribly because they believe you can be replaced…

Many of you are with someone who believe they can either find better or won’t miss out if you’re gone… Your value in their life is seen only by you… As for them, you’re a means to get what they want for now…  Get where they’re headed for now…  But he/she doesn’t see you as “Forever”…  You’re a “For Now” fixture in their life that can be replaced easily with (Click HERE to read more)

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