You’re Overthinking It!!!


So I have this buddy who is deeply in love with a married woman…   From what he tells me, she’s everything his wife is not…  Yup, WIFE!!!  This is a pretty thick blog today…  She’s married, He’s married, but the two of them have found themselves in a situation that’s somewhat complicated…  Now in no way do I condone adultery, but like my buddy, many of you are in somewhat of a complicated situation as we speak…  Maybe it’s not being in love with a married woman/man, but you have become more of a “liability” than an “asset” to the one you want to be with…

Ladies, some of you are begging and pleading with a man to love, respect, cherish, commit to and appreciate you…  You have a long list of things he’s currently not doing and each and every day, you’re asking him for something more than likely he won’t ever give you…  To him, you’ve become (Click HERE to read more)


It Only Gets Worst!!!


“If Marriage is the cure, why are there so many unhappy people???”

It’s amazing how some of you believe marriage is the fix to your problems…  You believe if you were only married then loneliness would disappear; the cheating would cease; insecurity would be a thing of the past and let’s not forget about those of you who believe, marriage would be the thing that makes you completely happy… Let me be the first to tell you if it’s broke before marriage, those broken pieces are only going to continue to crack and eventually shatter into an unfix-able mess…  

I know some people who are married today, yet their unhappiness has increased far beyond what it was before…  Those who are women thought marriage was going to miraculously cure their husbands of the disease to sleep with multiple women; cure his problem with not telling the truth; fix his unwillingness to attend church; suppress his desires to be with other men and let’s not forget those who thought marriage was going to make him desire her even more…  Then there are those men I know who thought marriage would make her clean up around the house; cook; take care of the children; cure the disease known (Click HERE to read more)