WAYMENT, You Forgot Something…


One thing I know from experience is when you’re done with someone, you don’t want them to leave anything behind… I mean no toothbrush, books, pens, pictures; clothes and if you could rid yourself of their memories, you would ask them to take those with them as well…   Custody of the pet wouldn’t be an issue because if the cost of completely getting rid of them is the dog/cat, “Bye Bye, he/she will take good care of you” would be your final words as Scruffy walks down the walkway…  As I get older, games tend to sicken me more and more each day…  I don’t like all the going back and forth; “on today, off tomorrow” kind of stuff…  I’m like “Are you in it? Okay, let’s win it…  If not, deuces”…

I can remember when I used to get all bent out of shape when I was broken up with…  I mean I couldn’t function…  I would stop eating; constantly call, email (this was before text), do drive by’s and all that other foolishness you do when you’re on an emotional roller coaster…  I would beg and plead with someone who had made up their minds the relationship was something they no longer wanted…  I would buy gifts, apologize for things I wasn’t guilty of and go out of my way to win “One More Chance”… When I tell you I was weak, you better believe I was weak, but this was before I realized exactly who I am and what I bring to the table…  Nowadays, I’m not the guy to stick around…  I don’t do drama, pettiness, nor do I do stress…  I honestly try to live my life stress free and the first drop of “toxic” I see, I remove myself from the situation…  Be it a intimate, platonic or sadly say, a family relationship, YOU’Z GOT TO GO if you’re not about moving forward in peace, a healthy state of mind, and passion for better…

Many of you are playing “Russian Roulette” with your sanity…  You’re spinning the cylinder waiting for the bullet which is someone who has told you not only  (Click HERE to read more)

3 thoughts on “WAYMENT, You Forgot Something…

  1. I completely get this, I was the same. When you know your worth, all that changes. I’m actually writing a blog at the moment entitled “Is it time to say goodbye?” It’s based around my relationship with my Dad and finally recognizing the toxicity he has brought to my life and letting go of that relationship. It doesn’t matter who they are – you are completely right – they have got to go.

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