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Episode 5 Part Two (


“Make The Best Of It”



So many of you are unhappy because of your curves, singleness, big lips, dark skin, kinky hair, bald head, short statue, squeaky voice, weight, education, and many other things that separates you from what is considered to be the norm.  The world has set standards in which quite frankly, YOU DON’T FIT….  It would seem you could go to church and find comfort, but you’re being judged there as well…  It’s amazing how “unhappiness” many times is considered to be a personal problem or a result of the world, but the church plays a HUGE part in the feeling of inadequacy many people are going through today….   You know like if you don’t speak in tongues, your skirt is too short, you have kids out of wedlock, men wearing earrings, and if you’re not married, something has to be wrong with you… Who in the hell gave them the power to decide whether or not you’re happy, complete, and saved???  YOU DID…

It’s sad, but you’ve allowed what they’re thinking matter in your life….  Their opinions and thoughts have become your truth and now you’re crying on the inside, while faking on the outside….  Because you haven’t embraced your own “uniqueness”, you can’t see the beauty in what makes you different.  People are fickle; the world is constantly changing, so  (To read more click here… The Truth Bowl )

“You’re A Knock-Off”



Have you ever considered how much of your authenticity is suppressed by keeping up with others; the latest trends and fads?  Sadly to say, this thought probably has never crossed your mind…   But are you truly authentic or a knockoff of someone who doesn’t like themselves?   

It’s amazing how so many people desire the acceptance of others, yet they can’t accept themselves for who they truly are.  At some point in life they were hoodwinked into believing someone or something was greater and because of this, they’re unable to see the value of being authentic…

Women of all ethnic groups have been hoodwinked into believing “Blonde and Blue Eye’s” is greater, therefore they dye their hair and wear wigs to meet the standards of someone who will never be satisfied…  Men of all ethnic groups have been hoodwinked into believing “weakness is for faggots”, therefore they wear mask of strength to meet the standards of someone who will never be satisfied… 

Many of you are fakes…  Yeah we said it, YOU’RE A FAKE…  You have breast implants, colored contacts, gold teeth, wigs, weaves, penis pumps, fake purses and sunglasses..  You’re living in a $500 apartment, driving a $1000 car, wearing Red Bottom shoes and don’t have $20 in savings… The image you’ve  (Click here to read more…  The Truth Bowl )

“You’re An A.S.S.”


Have you ever wondered why a physically fit woman becomes insecure when a plus size woman enters the room?  A handsome man is jealous of what the world may consider to be an ugly man?  Or how about how you intimidate others with just being you? 

I’ve heard several people ask, “How did Jay Z hook Beyonce?”  Well outside of the millions of dollars resting in his bank account; a wall filed with platinum records; the clothing line; his business genius and his gift for picking money makers, Jay Z has what we like to call “SWAGG”.  I’ve never met Jay Z, but I’m quite sure he’s heard he’s not easy on the eyes, his lips are big, and he’s a thug to some degree, but none of these things stopped him from being an “A.S.S.”.   He’s realized his “SWAGG” is not determined by the way he looks, how much money he has, nor is it measured by the number of Gold and Platinum records he’s earned….  Jay Z realizes it’s his determination to remain Authentic, Secure in who he is, and Strong in moments when faced with haters that makes him sexy to those who would normally consider him unattractive.     

Many of you are an “A.S.S” as well, but at some point in life you allowed the words of others (Click here to read more… The Truth Bowl )

“Hurdles Come With Destiny”


So you’re overwhelmed, frustrated, and sitting on yo @$$ doing nothing about it…  Things aren’t going how you planned, people aren’t coming through as they’ve said, and you’ve invested more money and energy than you can afford.  Wife is complaining, Husband isn’t supporting, Kids are crying, Family is begging, and your enemies are laughing…  It’s like “What the hell is going on?”…  Every time you look up there’s a fire to put out, a mountain to climb, and a hurdle to jump over…  Well guess what, “Hurdles Come With Destiny”… 

The biggest misconception many visionaries have is the quest to reaching our “destiny” is easy…   Their belief is God gave them the vision, so there will be no obstacles along the way…  As a result of this, they’re unprepared for the hard times, lack of support from loved ones, and unable to sustain when “destiny” seems unreachable…  They can’t cope with being lied to, lied on, torn down, and they’re left being the victim…    Well guess what, GET OVER YOURSELF YOU ARE NOT THE VICTIM…  Stop whining, crying, and sitting on yo @$$ having a pity party…  You’re wasting (Click here to read more.. The Truth Bowl )

“REJOICE: The Truth About Worship”


Written by Carlos Harleaux of Peauxetic Expressions

Bobby Jones, the founder of BET’s longest running show, “Bobby Jones Gospel”, is preparing for the release of a new compilation album, Rejoice With Me. The CD features gospel music heavyweights Ann Nesby, Faith Evans and John Patrick Adams. You may recall a review I did a while back on John Patrick Adams’s song “In My Favor”. Now, the song that he penned and produced, “Created for Worship” will be one of the featured songs on Rejoice With Me. I love all of his music, but “Created for Worship” definitely stands out as one of my favorites. The song has a timeless quality and piercing lyrics that truly stir your soul (“ Some people don’t understand/Why I lift my hands…..It’s not because I am going through…/It’s because of who He is”).  The melody and powerful vocals on the song are infectious and immediately catch your attention.  The song speaks about the very reason we were all created: to give reverence and worship back to God. Here’s a sneak peek of “Created for Worship”. The version on the CD will be slightly different, but this is one compilation you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Rejoice With Me when it hits stores TODAY!!!!!!.

John also has another new song that he just recorded, with singer Kenosha White, called “I’ve Never Seen It”. It’s a beautiful, powerful ballad that will surely capture your heart. He’s also the author of Naked, the second book to be published from 7thSign Publishing. If you don’t have you copy, make sure to get it today at  John is also the founder and creator of The Truth Bowl (an intense live panel discussion of Christians discussing real life issues). Check out a sneak peek of the latest episode, set to be released tomorrow as well. It’s hilarious and touches on everything from premarital sex to men borrowing money from women to getting over an ex. He’s truly a man on the move and check out more information on John and The Truth Bowl (and its daily inspirational emails) at

“I Dodged That Bullet”


Have you ever wanted to date or marry someone, things didn’t work out the way you wanted, years later you run into him/her in the grocery store and think “Thank God, I dodged that bullet”?  Back in the day they were “phine as hell”, had all their teeth, and a bright future ahead of them…  Today, THEY LOOK LIKE HELL and if it wasn’t for them following you in the store, you wouldn’t have known who they were…

In life, Grace works just like this…  The very thing we sometimes want, grace blocks us from it. Grace stands in the gap, shields us from the bullet and allows us to walk away without being harmed.    Because Grace is something we can’t see, many times we feel as though God is denying us what we want, while all along He’s blocking us from what we deserve. 

The truth is…  The very thing you wanted could have been the very thing that took you out…  #AmazingGrace