How To Gain A Woman’s Interest In 30 Seconds…



Okay, it’s Friday and I thought I would write something lite and easy….

So here we go…

Men, here are 7 “MUST HAVES” to gain a woman’s attention in 30 seconds…

Confidence:  If you lack confidence, you can hang it up, at least if you’re looking for a “good” woman…  When walking into the room, OWN IT…  A woman can spot a weak man by his walk, stance, and the way in which he carries himself…   If you’re out with your buddies, don’t compete with them, this only shows weakness.  Manhood is not a completion, nor a race…  If you want the trophy (woman), be the strong hunter you are, and you’ll take home the prize at the end of the night (Sometimes literally).

Eye Contact:  Let her know you’re interested without being creepy…  Attraction is two-sided, so let her know you have your eye on her.  If she’s interested, she’s going to return the favor… Our eyes tell a story before we even open our mouth…  Real Talk:  If you can’t look directly into a woman’s eyes, an instant red flag goes up.  Also, if you’re wearing sunglasses at night or in a club, not only does it say you’re immature, but lack confidence and common sense…

Appearance: Hugo Boss, Prada, Ted Baker are all wonderful designers, but not needed to catch a woman.  Men, if you want to catch her, keep it simple.  Some of you were born with an eye for what works, but there are those of you needing a little help.  If you’re one who needs help, here’s a great tip:  In a recent poll it was revealed women love men in a V-Neck T-Shirt and Jeans… BUTTTTT, the shirt must be crisp, clean, no sweat stains under the arm pits, no rips created over time, AND your shoes MUST be nice…  If you can’t afford to have them professionally shined and polished, take a little time before stepping out and do it yourself…  Your shoes tell more about you than your resume…

Well Groom:  Manicure, pedicure, haircut, shaved (Click “Woman’s Interest” to read more)


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