Don’t Blame It On TP


If you must commit a robbery, one of the requirements should be a good plan, right? Of course, no one should ever resort to robbery, especially 29 year old Eric Frey. The Uniontown, PA resident went inside of Michael Maria’s Pizza and handed the cashier a handwritten note on toilet paper that read, “I have a gun. Give me $300.” Why he decided to ask for such a low amount is beyond me. If you’re going to risk going to jail for robbing someone, why not ask for at least $1000? Why not do it big? But, I digress.

Lucky for Michael Maria’s, they didn’t actually get robbed. An employee hit the panic button, which stopped Frey from getting away. According to him, he was forced to commit the robbery by a large, bearded (Click “HERE” to read more)


Waking Up Alone New Year’s Day

So for the past 4 years I’ve been single…   It would seem by now waking up alone on New Year’s Day wouldn’t bother me, but it does…  Now don’t get me wrong I’m happy being single, have no regrets, and wouldn’t change anything if I could…  But like many of you singles, I still desire the company of someone I find interesting…  So as I end this year and prepare to begin a new one, I want to share a tip I found very helpful during times like these…

Instead of seeing the burden of being alone, see the freedom of being alone…  I can remember when I was in a relationship and waking up on New Year’s Day with someone I really didn’t like as a person…  So you’re thinking, so why did you stay?  Well like many of you, I didn’t want to be alone during the holiday season; I thought I needed a relationship to complete me, so I traded “peace” for a “piece”.  I can remember how stressful it was and how I wished I was alone…  I can also remember my first thought of the year, “I can’t do this again”….  Waking up with someone doesn’t mean you’re not alone, it just means someone’s in the bed with you…

So many singles devalue their freedom because we’ve been conformed to believing something is wrong with being alone… We’re made to believe we’re supposed (Click “Here” to read more)

You’re A Sellout


Okay, I watched Kute Blackson’s video after posting yesterday and I must admit, IT’S FREAKING AWESOME…  He has such a powerful way of breaking down the importance of recognizing your uniqueness.  He explains we’re an authentic piece of art created by God and how we suffocate our greatness and authenticity, when attempting to duplicate someone else…  I can cry just thinking about that alone.  He also mentions how we often sellout to fit into what is considered the norm, so I want to ask if you’re selling out?  Are you suppressing YOU to be with THEM?  Are you suffocating your gifts, creativity, uniqueness, and authenticity to be liked?  Yes I said liked, because LOVE wants you to be free to be completely YOU….

So many times we conform to the trends of the world, but what would the world be like if you allowed your children to be free?  What would it be like if your parents allowed you to be YOU?  If others could see what God planted when creating you?  It would be filled with more happiness, creativity, and peace. People would always smile, speak, respect and greet those they’ve never met…  There would be happier marriages, more excited singles, and less shamed divorcees.  There would be less suicide, murder, and crime…      Less judgment, ridicule, hate and more love…

What I know for sure is…  You were created UNIQUE, not NORMAL.  So stop trying to be something you are not…  Stop selling YOU out (Click “HERE” to read more)

Peauxetic Expressions: Interview With French Duo, King Krab/Jodeci Returns After 18 Years


Good evening, In case you missed it, here are the highlights from Music Monday at Peauxetic Expressions. Today marks history as the first ever International artist interview with King Krab. Check out my interview with them and the video review about their debut EP, Reworx

King Krab’s Great Reworx
The exclusive interview with Adam and Lucas Derrez of King Krab. Plus find out how to get a FREE copy of their new EP.!King-Krabs-Great-Reworx-Interview-/c13tw/E1F2CAF1-80C8-48EA-8773-35D70166EB2C

Jodeci: Diary of A Resurrected Band
Jodeci is back after 18 years, with a new single,” Nobody Wins” with B.O.B. But is the new music worthy of the long hiatus? Hear it for yourself….Plus, check out their recent reunion performance.!Jodeci-Diary-Of-A-Resurrected-Band-/c13tw/5FEC91D9-54D0-4017-9131-3AA6DFBB2A84

Thanks for checking out this week’s happenings in music at Peauxetic Expressions!

Carlos Harleaux

You Are Not The Norm, So Stop Trying To Be


Okay, if you haven’t heard of Kute Blackson, I strongly encourage you to research this guy…  He’s a great inspiration and through his experiences, he’s changing the lives of millions…  While out on, I came across one of his videos.  I’m writing this blog clueless to what he’s talking about, but the tile “F**K Normal:  Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Taken” grabbed my attention.

So many of you are struggling with life because you’re striving to be what’s considered normal… You’re trying to fit in, please everyone around you, and meet the requirements, standards, and expectations of people who don’t have their own life together… Every morning you wake up feeling incomplete, unsatisfied, and unhappy.  You can’t quite put your finger on why you’re over weight, constantly stressed out, can’t sleep, unable to eat, and your bank account is in the red.  Have you ever considered you’re trying to be someone you’re not?  You’re seeking to please everyone else but yourself? You’re trying to be normal when you’re the furthest thing from it?

What I know for sure is…  If you’re living your life seeking to fit into what others consider “normal”, you will forever be unhappy..  I’ve stated so many times the requirements and expectations of others are driven by how they’re feeling at the moment, (Click “HERE” to read more)

Why Today Is A Gift Card From God


One of the best gifts I believe you can receive is a gift card.  You can buy whatever you want, spend it whenever you want, or re-gift if you want.  The freedom that comes with a gift card is priceless…

Each morning you wake up, you receive a gift card from God…   You have the freedom to spend it however you want AND you can also re-gift the greatness of today by sowing seeds of goodness into the lives of others.

So many times we spend this gift card frivolously…  We spend it worrying about things we have no control over like the past and the future.  We spend it arguing about things that really don’t matter.  We spend it crying, complaining (Click “HERE” to read more)

Peauxetic Expressions: Come Spend The Night? (#WTHW)/FREE Shipping This Week!!

Good evening and (almost) Merry Christmas to you all!!

Today’s what the hell Wednesday post is so cold, you may not be able to stand it. Find out what tricks this Sweden hotel has up its sleeve and decide for yourself if you could ever stay there for an extended period of time.

Come Spend The Night?!Come-Spend-The-Night/c13tw/D4D2E88C-1849-4505-8332-9DC197DA0827

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