Tonic Blackout Glow

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Tonic Blackout Glow
"I miss that hot wax dripping/Just as we licked/The icing gripping so strongly/To our good times" - excerpt from "Blow Out The Candles", featured in Honesty Box (Release Date: 11.14.14)
In need of just the right ingredient for your Hallowen trick, treat or drink??? Look no further and sip on this....
Tonic Blackout Glow
It won't put a hex on you, but it will satisfy your taste buds. Find out what Pappadeaux's new tasty drink is....
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Smile At Yourself…


Enemies aren’t needed for some of you because you’re your worst…  Repeatedly beating yourself up; speaking words that hold power to destroy your future and kill your dreams…  Unable to forgive yourself for past mistakes and failures…  Sowing seeds through your deeds that will bring a harvest in which you don’t want to reap.

Forgiving ourselves is one of the most difficult things to do…  I’m constantly blown away by how we’re able to forgive others for the most dreadful things, but can’t forgive ourselves (Click “HERE” to read more…)

Is “Happiness” A Fool’s Gold?


Prior to hearing and breaking down “Perfectly Worthless”, I knew nothing of Syleena Johnson, boy was I missing out.  On this past Monday she released her latest CD “Chapter 6: Couples Therapy” and I must say it’s pretty darn good.  Throughout the entire CD her passion, vocal precision, and creativity captures you.  I’m really excited about the song I’ve chosen for this week’s breakdown and I have to admit, I’m in love with it.  She’s joined by Leela James and the play between the two power houses is phenomenal.  So let’s get to “Fool’s Gold”…

The standout lyrics for me are…

I tried to do everything to make him happy

Can’t make him happy, oh no

Before I go any further I want to replace “him” with “them”.  I believe this line travels outside of relationships.  “Them” can be your parents, spouse, partner, children, friends, and even your enemies…

So here we go…

Many of you today are miserable because of someone else’s “happiness”…   You’ve sacrificed your life, dreams, goals, beliefs, desires aiming to “please” while forsaking YOU.  Emptiness overwhelms you because you’re drained from attempts of meeting and exceeding the expectations of the people in your life.   Do you hold the key to someone else’s happiness?  Can you truly make them happy or “happy for the moment”?

One thing many people fail to realize is “happiness” comes from within.  Someone else’s happiness has nothing to do with you, but everything to do with them.  Just like your (Click “HERE” to read more…)

WTHW: Preying Hands ( Let Me See It)


It’s rare that you find many spiritual leaders such as pastors, ministers, deacons, etc inside of a strip club. There are just some places that these people would not be caught at. But Pierce County resident David Van Vleet sees things a little differently. He’s a good, clean Christian man who feels spiritually led to pray for the women of a Washington strip club. Doesn’t sound too harmful right? We all could stand to use a little prayer. But what makes this case just a tad bit different is that David is missing some information in order to effectively pray for these women – their full names and addresses.

This is obviously some very specific prayer that Mr. Vleet plans on doing. He has even gone as far as requesting their information from the Pierce County Auditor’s Office.  He also told the judge that he wanted to individually pray for the salvation of each of these women. For obvious reasons,  (Click “HERE” to read more)

Smile In Your Pain


So you woke up feeling worse than yesterday…  Seems like “weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning” doesn’t apply to you because you’re still weeping…  Prayer hasn’t fixed it, faith hasn’t touched it, and the burden you feel you can’t carry it.   You’re hurting and the thought of going through another day feeling how you’re feeling is out of the question…  What do you do?  How can you get out of this situation?

It was never promised life would be easy; everything would work out perfectly the first time; every day would be filled with happy moments and you would always feel like smiling…  But I’ve (Click “Here” to read more)

Smile For Your “Ex”


Your “ex” is an “ex” for a reason…  Whether you’re the one who walked or the one who was walked away from, they’ve been placed in the box with all the others for a reason…  So why are you wasting time and energy trying to win back someone you’ve lost?  Allowing him/her to control and get under your skin?  “Hit it” when he wants?  Create drama with your new lady?   And lastly, why are you getting all bent out of shape when he refuses to pay child support?

The hidden truth many of us continuously overlook is our “ex” is a part of our past.  Keeping him/her in our (Click “Here” to read more)