It All Depends On Her…

There are many women carrying the burdens of a man… His inability to commit; his desire and continuation to cheat; his lack of emotion and numerous other deficiencies are all because of her… At least this is what he has convinced her into believing. Over the weekend, we recorded the first podcast of “Brown Liquor And Cigars”. The topic was Divorce and how men move forward afterwards. The question asked “Are you a good catch? Or do you need to be thrown back into the sea?”. One of the panelist said “It all depends on her”… When listening to the teaser, you will clearly hear I disagree with this point…

No woman should take on the responsibility of her man’s commitment level. Many women are depressed today because they believe something is wrong with them because their man chooses to find pleasure in another woman. (Click HERE to read more)

“Men After Divorce” Teaser

After the session ended, we kept talking and boy did it get raw… Check out the first clip of “Men After Divorce”. Full session coming 6.18.2019.

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Before You Hit Send…

Have you ever drafted a text message; email; voicemail, but decided not to send it? The message included secret feelings buried in your heart you wanted to reveal to the person they were for… Or how about, have you ever drafted a text message; email; voicemail which was made up of harmful; damaging; toxic words, but sadly to say, you decided to send it? The message included emotions; broken feelings and poison covering your heart you wanted to reveal to the person they were for… Because we live in a technologically driven world, many times we allow ourselves to react before considering the outcome.

As you know, I’m advocate of living your truth; expressing yourself and taking the leap… But I also believe before hitting send, we should think about the impact be it negative or positive. Once you’ve hit send, there’s no turning back and unless you’re ready to walk away from that situation, you may want to pause and think about it. Now this is a double edge sword… There may not be any repercussions for your actions, the recipient of the message may welcome you with open arms… Your message could be the very thing they’ve wanted to say to you, but feared rejection. Then there’s the  (Click HERE to read more)

The First Time…

Can you remember the first time you saw your “Ex” with someone else? How it made you feel? Your first thought? It’s funny how that first encounter causes a multitude of emotions… Emotions some of you were ready for it, while others were completely caught off guard… In that one moment you remember the good, bad, beautiful and ugly moments… You remember the breakup, arguments and even the regrets… Your mind is flooded with questions as to what happened and how the two of you reached the places you’re in at that particular moment… That first time is the hardest when you’re the one who wasn’t or isn’t ready to move on… It’s also hard for those who haven’t found their “rebound” and left with nothing but time to think…

“Moving On” is difficult when you haven’t realized you’re not losing anything… If many of you were completely honest with yourself, (Click HERE to read more)

UnAvailable Means UnF’nAvailable

So I have this friend who constantly finds herself infatuated with men who are “unavailable”. Now to her defense, she doesn’t purposely look for men who are married or in a relationship. It’s like she’s an “I’m taken” magnet. Due to this, she always ends up in some drama.

Here recently she has met a guy she is completely into… He’s everything she wants, but of course, he’s unavailable. When she met him, he man’d up and shared he was in a relationship and to me, this should have been her “Get out of Jail” ticket, yet she decided to exchange information with him. Over the past couple of days, they’ve texted numerous times, met up at the gym to workout, and have even had dinner. No inappropriate conversations or actions have transpired, yet I can hear in her voice the attraction. Because the dating scene appears to be complicated at times, for some, it is easy to fall into the trap of entertaining someone who is “unavailable”. Different  (Click HERE to read more)

I Remember When…

As long as there are people who know “what was”, there will always be people who doubt “what can be”” Thanos

One truth I’ve learned over the years is people always remember “used to”. They remember when you “used to” drink; “used to” sleep around; “used to” go along with flow… They remember when things “used to” be good; “used to” be less complicated; “used to” be easy… Because of “used to”, many people can’t see “what is” or “what can”…

Sadly to say, many of you reading are living in the shadows of “used to”… You’ve changed for the better; put in the work, yet people constantly hold you prisoner to who you “used to” be or what you “used to” do… God has delivered you; broke the chains; released and freed you; forgiven you for the indiscretions of your past, yet people constantly remind you… Is it that they don’t’ want to see you better? Is it they’re unable to move forward as you have? What is it? Does it even matter?

We all “used to” be or do something… We all have “used to” moments hidden deep in the closets of our minds… No one is free of a “used to” moment, so you can’t allow those who know “what was” to keep you from or discourage you from “what can be”… Some of you are called to do some amazing things, but you’re afraid your “used to” moments are going to be exposed. You’re afraid as soon (Click HERE to read more)

Love Hard

Over the past 5 months, I’ve loss three amazing women. Women who were ambitious, driven, intelligent, compassionate and three women who had dreams… Dreams of marriage and kids, starting over, dreams of living what everyone likes to call “my best life”. Women who were committed to God; willing to help others unconditionally and women who were able to forgive those who hurt them the most. I loss three extraordinary women and to be honest, for a second I was pissed at God… I felt like He was being unfair and cruel… Angry because He took these women before each of them could see their dreams come to life… And I was pissed because He allowed these women to share with me their goals, desires and dreams, yet He allowed me to see none of these things become realities.

So I asked, “Why?”. Why did you take them? Why didn’t you allow them to experience what they believed was promises you made to them? Why was it their time to go when they’ve lived by the book; served you?

So last night I had a meeting and out of nowhere, God answered me through someone who didn’t even know my situation… As I was sitting there the subject of God’s sovereignty came out. How He can do whatever (Click HERE to read more)