Who Changed? Love Or You?


Did you know there is an “Evolution Of Love”?  That love changes as we change?  That it should change as the person we give it to changes?  Well it does…  The misconception of love is that it’s blind, effortless, and it shines through in some of our darkest times…  Many relationships have failed because of the misconception of “love”…  When beginning the “courtship” stage, “love’ seems to easily find its way into our hearts…  Yet once the “I do’s” have been spoken (or we began a serious relationship), arguments and nagging starts, illness creeps in, and the truth of living with someone who forgets to let down the toilet seats reveals itself, “love” or the meaning of the word “love” is questioned….

Many of you are in “love” with the perception of “love”…What it represents…  What you once felt…  And how it was in the beginning when you first met…  You’ve chained your significant other to the person you once fell in love with, but is this fair to him/her?  And is it fair to love?   (Click “HERE” to read more)


You Helped Me…

I find it funny when running into someone who at the time meant me no good and the first words out of their mouth is “Wow, you look great”…  Now don’t get me wrong in no way am I discrediting their comment, but it seems like the expectation was for me to look a mess.   Like they’re shocked after all the hell they put me through I can look as good as I do or because they’re no longer apart of my journey, my world should have collapsed…  It could be an ex-employer, ex-church member, someone I was in a relationship with or an ex-friend, whoever it may be I just smile and say “Thank You”…

Now their interpretation of “Thank You” may be taken as a response to the compliment, but I give it with a different meaning.  You see I’m thanking them because they’ve helped me become who I am today, look the way in which I look today, and helped me realize my worth, value, and inner strength. I’ve learned that many times we victimize ourselves and in doing this “we look like what we’ve been through”…  We walk around with our heads down, spirits low, and we look like a H.A.M. (Hot @$$ Mess) physically.  In doing this you relinquish your power to someone who is unworthy of having it…  Get up and allow your “hurt” to HELP you and not HINDER YOU….

We hold onto the hurt and in doing this, we only hurt ourselves….   Because we only see what was done to us, we are blind to what can be done for us…   In every situation there is an opportunity for growth and greater, you just have to see it as something that will later HELP you and not HURT you…  Here are a few things my “ex” helped me with…  Now “ex” is not only talking about relationships, but anything or anyone who’s no longer in my life…

You helped me realize my strength…  Walking away from the situation let me see I can do anything I want if I put my mind to it…

You helped me realize the favor on my life…  Because the situation broke me, over time God’s restoring power was revealed… He (Click “HERE” to read more)

3 Reasons Why You Should Go For It



So many times we miss out on great relationships, jobs, and experiencing the joys of life because we fail to “Go For It”.  Fear of rejection and failure causes us to back away and never pursue the things we want.  Today I want to share with you “3 Reasons Why You Should Go For It”.

So here we go…

You Want It:  Whether it’s a relationship with a friend you’ve known for years or starting a new career after working on your jobs for 10 plus years.  YOU WANT IT, so you should GO FOR IT…  So what if you receive a no, at least now you now know how to move forward. “No” isn’t always a type of rejection, sometimes “no” is a redirection to something better…  Don’t allow someone else’s “no” to prevent you from getting every “yes” God has in stored for you.   If it’s a relationship you’ve received the “no”, now you can free yourself from the prison of private admiration for this person and move on…  If it’s a job you’ve received the “no”, now you can take it off the list and move on to the perfect job waiting for you.  If you want it, why shouldn’t you have it???  #GoForIt

You Deserve It:  You’re an amazing person who possess wonderful qualities, YOU DESERVE everything you want and more…  If it’s a new car or home and YOU CAN AFFORD IT, GO FOR IT…  If it’s a pair of shoes you’ve been eye balling for the past couple of months and YOU CAN AFFORD IT, GO FOR IT…  Treating ourselves doesn’t (Click “HERE”  to read more)

Dual Woman, Altar Ego, Or BiPolar



The worse part about “breaking up” is being the one who is broken up with….  You know the one left behind, cut off, kicked to the curb, ignored, and left feeling like a fool…   It could have been the worse relationship we had in our life, but the fact he/she kicked us to the curb causes us in some cases to lose our freaking mind…  It’s Thursday and thanks to my brother from another mother, I’m going to breakdown the lyrics of “Half About Being A Woman” recorded by Caroline Smith…  Check out his full review by clicking “HERE”

The standout lyrics for me are…

Could you do me one small thing
Read my mind
And do what’s right
Tell me to stay
Tell me to stay

Okay this song speaks many of your past experiences and where some of you are today…  Breaking up can be hard and if allowed, it can take us on an emotional roller coaster or possibly make us feel like we are “Bi-Polar”….  It’s like there are two people living inside of us and sadly to say the more irrational, emotional, manipulative and controlling person wins…   Pride makes its grand entrance which causes us to lower our standards and “beg” someone who wants to leave and move on with their lives to stay in a place they no longer want to be…  #WithYOU

The rational side of us says “Gurl/Dude let him/her go and find you someone else”, but we don’t listen…  We relinquish our power to pride by begging; crying, pleading, and making ourselves look like a damn fool TRYING to persuade (Click “HERE” to read more)

How To Use Fear To Your Advantage…


Daily “life” asks “What’s next?”; “Where do you go from here?”…  When faced with these challenging questions many times we choose what’s comfortable, easiest, and most familiar.  We choose what we can conquer without any effort, energy, and great use of time…  But what would you happen if you chose the very thing that scare you the most?

What I know for sure is…  Growth doesn’t come from the things we have mastered, but the things we haven’t….    When choosing what scares us the most, we are instantly positioned for growth…  “Fear” causes us to tap into our inner strength, creativity, (Click “Here” to read more)

Why You Shouldn’t Borrow…



“Don’t borrow from tomorrow…  Your problems will find you when you get there…”

So many times we miss out on the potential of today worrying about the problems of tomorrow…  Many times we can be found living in the future, crying in the present, or dying in the past…  Unable to find peace in the “now” and enjoy the freedom of today because we are borrowing from tomorrow…

Research has proven fifty percent of the stress in our lives is birth from things that hasn’t even happen. It also states we create unnecessary anxiety worrying about an outcome we are uncertain of and hold no control over.  Borrowing from tomorrow (Click “Here” to read more)