Stop Eating, You’re Getting Fat!!!



I’m always blown away by YouTube videos that lack substance, degrade women, injects toxin into the minds of people, racial profiling, and all other videos adding NO value whatsoever to the lives of people, yet they have millions of views…   We see them posted all over Social Media, News Broadcast, Newspapers and other forms of mass media…  People share and repeatedly watch them over and over again…

The world we live in today is driven by “Drama”…  Sadly to say, we thrive on it; our minds crave it and if it’s something positive, we’re really not interested in it…  Some of you reading this post today, your life is a complete and uttered mess…  You eat “drama” for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the two snacks in between.  You’re being fed it on the radio as you’re driving into work, through gossip once arriving at work and when making it home, there’s a serving of it waiting for you there.  You’re mentally obese and you can’t understand why your life is suffering and crumbling right before your eyes…

Did you know what we take in has a great impact on our lives?  You know like having negative friends impact our lives negatively?   Constantly feeding our minds negative images impact our lives (Click here to read more “Fat” )


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