7 “B’s” You Need To Know…

Let’s get straight to it…  Here are “7 “B’s” You Need To Know…”

Be You:  There is nothing wrong with the person you are today…  Many times we believe something is wrong or missing in our lives, therefore we aim to be the person we believe others want us to be…  Because we seek the approval and acceptance from those we desire to be around, many times we go our entire lives living a lie…  You need no approval or validation when it comes to who you are…  People shouldn’t get a choice of who you introduce them to…  You be YOU and allow others to decide if the real YOU is someone they want to be involved with…

Be Upfront:  Don’t be afraid to express to others where you stand and what you want…  People will respect you if you’re open and honest about your intentions.  Problems tend to arise when you withhold the truth in the beginning and later revealing it after emotions and feelings are involved.  Express yourself and allow the other person to decide if they’re willing to accommodate your desires…  If they’re unable to, the good thing is you don’t have to waste your time or energy on someone who you will eventually leave anyways…

Be Open:  If you haven’t tried something, don’t assume you won’t like it…  Many of you are missing out on some pretty amazing things because you’ve listened to the experiences of others. Just because it didn’t work to their favor or please their taste level, doesn’t mean it won’t yours..   (Click HERE to read more)


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