“Renting With No Intents Of Buying”


Many of you are playing wife to a man who’s currently another woman’s husband (Separated is Married); a man who has made up his mind he will never be your husband and there are those of you who are allowing a man to occupy your heart and mind, yet he doesn’t know if he wants to permanently  stay there… It’s amazing how some women get involved in relationships with men who treat them like a rent house…  These men move in with no intentions of buying the property (taking the relationship to the next level), yet they get all the benefits and perks of a homeowner (men in committed relationship).  These men have unlimited access to swimming in the lady pond; 24 Hour Access to the milk from a cow in which they will never purchase, and the freedom to walk away with more than what they moved in with…  These men are “Renting With No Intents Of Buying”…

Last night I tuned into “Gregory Inspires” with Gregory McKinney’s Radio Show and I must say, this guy was truly on it…  Throughout the show he dropped nuggets of wisdom I believe many of you needed to hear… he shared one principle he stresses with his female clients, “You Are Not For Rent”…  As I listened, I thought of you…  I thought of those (Click HERE to read more)


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