And They Say Men Don’t Write, “Dear Babe,”

An actual letter sent to a female by a loyal reader here on the site…

Ladies, what would you do if you received this????


I’ve really been thinking about the two of us here recently.  It seems as though you’re no longer happy with me and the way things are going between the two of us.  I know running through that little mind of yours are questions like  “Why you do that?”; “Why didn’t you do that?”; “Why don’t you act like…?”; “Why don’t you treat me like …?”  Because you’re constantly complaining about the man I’M NOT, yet you’re sticking around not only wasting your time, but more importantly, MINE.  I think we have a good thing, but it seems like you don’t, so I want to devote a little time to answer the “Why’s” and maybe this will help you move forward.

Why don’t you love me?  Well it’s because you’re looking for me to love you when you don’t even love yourself.   And because you don’t, you place all these expectations on how I should make you feel.  So tell me, how do you want to feel?  Do you even know yourself?  I’m not a mind reader, and even though you’ve made me a god, I’m not one.  I hold no power over your thoughts and I hold no power to heal you from your lack of “Self-Love”.  If you want love, try loving yourself…  Love yourself enough to fix what is wrong, mend what is broken, and to heal what is hurt…  I can only love you so much, but there’s not enough love in me to make you love yourself…

Why can’t I trust you?  Well it’s because just maybe I’ve done some things to cause you not to trust me, but you choose to stay…  You’ve listened to your Momma and “No Man Having” Friends who constantly tell you to leave, but you can’t.  That strength you tried selling me on when we first met, you lack (Click HERE to read more)


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