Nobody’s Playing Games But YOU!!!

Many of you have missed out on some good men/women all because YOU got in the way…  They were everything you asked for, but you weren’t ready to receive it.  Life introduced you to your dreams…  You know the dream of being involved with someone who is supportive, caring and smart, good looking, someone who has dreams of a family, and a person who is genuinely interested in you…  They were ready to commit, but because you weren’t used to someone who is attentive, you pushed them away….

“Something ain’t right here, nobody is this nice, they must want something” ran through your mind, but what wasn’t right is YOUR THINKING…  Repeatedly you say you want someone who is complimentary and attentive, and when they come around, you believe they’re playing games…    You believe they’re playing games because you’re not used to someone treating you the way a man/woman should be treated.  You’re not used to someone complimenting you, wanting to talk with you, and someone wanting to be around you.    You want a challenge, someone who plays hard to get; A thug, someone who’s going to make you chase after them, but ain’ t nobody got time for that ish…  YOU NEED TO GROW WHAT THEY CALL THE HELL UP…   No real, mature and serious man/woman has time to be chasing anyone because they’re busy chasing destiny.

I’ve said it a thousand times (Click “HERE” to read more)

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