“I Don’t Date Black…”


No need for all the fluff today…  Yesterday I had lunch with a “Millennial”, conversation involved various topics from Politics to Religion, Same Gender to Traditional Marriages, Police Brutality and so many other topics…  Out of all we talked about, one thing stood out the most… “Interracial Dating”… Surprisingly, he was completely against it…  His beliefs are you should pretty much stay within your race and even though we didn’t view this the same, one thing we did… If you choose to date outside of your race, don’t put your race down as the reason why…

So what do I mean, huh?  Well thanks for asking…  Black Men, if you choose to date Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic or any other race, it’s cool…  You owe no one an explanation, but if you choose to take this route, don’t use what you perceive as a negative against ALL Black women…  You know like saying things like “I don’t date black women because their hair is nappy; they’re sexually closed; they’re all problematic and opinionated; they carry a body odor (Click HERE to read more)