“Frozen In The Past”


Finally the man of your dreams has found you. Tall, dark, handsome, employed, has his own car, no “Baby Momma” drama, all his teeth, and he has his own place. He’s a Christian, loves his mother, and he exceeds every item on your “Must Have” list, but there’s something wrong and you just can’t put your finger on it. Is he a liar, on the DL, secretly has a wife hidden away or is he a con-artist trying to take the $221.38 out of your savings account? Something’s not right, it’s too good to be true, so what’s wrong with this guy?

Sadly to say, the above isn’t only the “Broken” woman, but it’s many of you reading this post. Standing before you are the answers to your prayers, but because you’re holding onto hurt, failure, fear, and your unwillingness to not only forgive others but yourself, YOU CAN’T SEE IT. It could be a man, job, car, new opportunity or “destiny” that has revealed itself, yet you’re unable to embrace the good standing dead in your face.   You never allowed yourself proper time to heal from those things that broke you, therefore unfortunately everyone and everything afterwards has to pay for it.

Because you’ve been hurt, disappointed (Click here to read more… John Patrick Adams )

“One Of My Biggest Mistakes”


One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in my life was trying to make others happy. For years I did everything to ensure those around me felt their best, but the most important person was miserable. I exhausted energy, time, and money into people who were never going to be satisfied. You see people are fickle, their expectations are constantly changing and if I was to continue the path I was on, I was in for an emotional roller coaster.

It took me the longest to realize “happiness” comes from within, therefor e I couldn’t make anyone happy, I could only enhance their happiness.  I didn’t realize at the time my efforts to make others happy were also a form of manipulation. I thought if I made them happy, they would love me. If I gave what they wanted, they would love me. If I did the things they wanted, they would love me and boy was this a lie. We live in a “takers” world and if you’re willing to continuously “give”, people are willing to continuously “take”. Not making others a bad person, but this is just the way of life. They didn’t love me any more or less, but THEY LOVED WHAT I WAS GIVING. If gifts, meeting expectations, and doing things others want is a requirement for love, those people you should run from. YOU’RE WORTH LOVING JUST FOR WHO YOU ARE….

Many of you are in this boat today. You’re working jobs, giving gifts, living up to others expectations in hopes of being validated. You’re on an emotional roller coaster trying to please someone who isn’t happy with themselves. You’re exhausting money, energy, and precious time on someone who’s going to take everything you’re willing to give and once you’ve (Click here to read more John Patrick Adams )

“Your Past Is Weighing You Down”


We all have a past, so why are you carrying yours around???  Today is Easter Sunday, Christ not only died for your sins, but in His death he paid the cost for your mess ups…  He knew you would screw things up, lie, cheat, hurt people, make bad decisions, yet He gave His life for you….  If He can see the best in you, why can’t you?

The truth is…  He knows you’re messed up, broken, done some pretty bad things, yet He loves you enough to see the best in you…  Right now you’re believing the lies of the enemy..  You know like, “You’re going to hell”, “No one can love someone like you”, “You should be ashamed of yourself”, and “Forgiveness is not an option”.  You’re carrying (Click here to read more… John Patrick Adams )

“I’ve Seen What Words Can Do”


People just don’t get “words hurt”…  I’ve seen words kill dreams, destroy marriages, break hearts, poison ministries and I’ve even dealt with the pain of those who ended their lives because of words.  I’ve seen the confidence of a child assassinated because of words spoken by an angry parent who was assassinated by an angry parent.  I’ve seen a woman stripped of her virtue because of words spoken to her by an abusive husband who was stripped naked of his manhood by an uncle, cousin, or Step Father.  I’ve seen Ministers of Music anointing violated by the words spoken to them by an insecure Pastor who was raped of his own anointing.  I’ve seen what words can do if they’re not carefully used. 

Words spoken out of anger, inadequacies, hurt, and ignorance.  Words carried from generation to generation, family to family, and from friend to friend.  I’ve seen what words can do if they’re not carefully used.

I’ve also seen words “heal”.  I’ve seen the power of “I’m sorry”, how it can lift heads, mend hearts, and repair (Click here to read more… The Truth Bowl )

“It’s Okay To Hurt”


There are so many hurt people hurting other people.   At some point in their lives they were hurt, but instead of going through the pain, they’re covering their wounds with make-up, alcohol, drugs, sex, rebound relationships, and some even ending their lives.  Because we’re taught showing signs of vulnerability is weakness, they never allowed the wounds of their hearts to heal…

The truth is..  “You have to FEEL IT to HEAL it” – Kute Blackson… Not allowing yourself time to properly kill is detrimental to your future…  You must face the pain head on in order to conquer it…  Starting a new relationship will not love your brokenness away …  Drinking  (Click here to read more… The Truth Bowl )

“I Just Want To Live…”


Have you ever reached a point in life where you felt you’re “alive”, but you aren’t “living”?  Daily going through the routine, but not really experiencing any fulfilling moments?   Well I know how you feel, because that’s exactly where I am today… 

For the past couple of years I’ve wanted to travel, get away from the struggles of the world, leave everything behind for at least a moment and just live my life…  Live it free of worrying about bills, calories, image, perception and the expectations of others.  Live it like God truly destined me to live it before I allowed mortgage, car payments, credit cards, relationships, pressures of the world, expectations of the church, and friendships to blur my vision of true happiness… For once, I just want to live…

I want to wake up at whatever time (Click here to read more… The Truth Bowl )

“Cause You’re Acting Like One…”


Why are women offended when called a “B*%$h”, yet they do everything to be called one?  Why are Christians pissed when called a “hypocrite”, yet they hit the clubs, sleep around, drink and do drugs more than Lindsay Lohan on what she considers to be a “lite” day? Why are men bent all out of shape when called “weak”, yet they don’t take care of their children, pay their bills, beat up women, and wants a woman to take care of him?  Why are you offended for being called what you’re acting like?

I’m always baffled by people who lose it over being called a “name”….  African Americans hate the word “nigger” when used by another ethnic group, but it’s a term of endearment between “black folks”…   Pastors hate being called “Spiritual Pimps”, yet they drive the big fancy cars, wear the bling-bling, (Click here to read more… The Truth Bowl )