The Competition That Comes With Dating…

Now this blog is for those of you who are 35 and above… Those of you who are younger, you can read and take notes to avoid falling into this trap…
As I get older, I’ve learned I have to work even harder to keep myself in the game… It’s imperative I watch what I eat, exercise, stay mentally active and constantly affirm myself of all the amazing qualities in which I possess… I don’t compete with those men who are younger than I am or any many for that matter, but I refuse to fall into their shadows… As I stated several times before, when you compete with others, you always come up short. You see you’re competing with a perception or an illusion… You look at someone and come up with a conclusion of who you believe they are, then you compare yourself and later feel inadequate… With dating, you should never place yourself in a competition with others, because whether you realize it or not, those you are hoping to date have already placed you in one…
Here are 3 races you’re running and don’t even know it…
Age: Both men and women are placed in an age race… For women who are older than 35, you’re placed in a race against your biological clock…. Some men have a desire for children, therefore age becomes a factor. They think, “Is she too old to have children?”; “Should I chance my dreams of having kids with a woman who possibly can’t conceive due to her age?”. Men, you’re not off the hook either… Your age comes into play as well. Women look at the age of men and think, “Will he be around when the kid graduates high school???”; “Will people think he’s my dad and the kids grandfather?”… Age is a race many of you are clueless you’re running…
Weight: Both men and women are placed in a weight race… Now I get it, in some cases it’s more acceptable for a man to have (Click HERE to read more)

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