It’s Hard To Watch…

I think we all have that one friend whose life is hard to watch… That friend whose life appears to be spiraling downwards, yet there’s nothing you can do but watch them crash and burn… Unfortunately, there are some of you reading who is this friend I’m talking about… Your friends are watching your life in real time and to be honest, it’s quite hard to watch… Constantly you’re making bad decision after bad decision; entering bad relationship after bad relationship, and even though you should have learned by now, you refuse to take heed to the lessons of your past… “Happy” is boring, if there isn’t some form of drama in your life, you’re uncomfortable…
A buddy of mine suggested I watch “Orange Is The New Black”, so on Friday I began my binge… Currently on Season 4 and to be honest, Piper’s (Main Star) life is pretty hard to watch… Like many of you, “Happy” is something she just can’t live with… Just when it seems her life is on track, she finds misery… She consciously walks into situations in which have previously hurt her; situations in which the horrible outcome is evident; situations in which are toxic, and those situations in which she leaves (Click HERE to read more)

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