The Hand Of A Cheater…


So yesterday I was talking with a bud of mine who is in what appears to be a “committed relationship”…  So committed until he and she checks each other’s text messages, Social Media Inboxes, emails and voicemails…  They’re in love and he feels no shame in sharing with her what most would consider “his privacy”…  He goes on to say it makes things easier in the relationship if he grants her the freedom to check whenever she chooses…  It defuses tension and the needs for suspicion and interrogating…

As I sat there and listened, I thought to myself “Something’s missing here…”.   I’ve known this guy for years…  Aware of the problems he’s experienced in his previous relationships…  Seen what’s he’s done to past girlfriends and his Ex-Wife…  Now in no way am I limiting the power of God, He’s able to change anyone, but I guess I was doubting my bud’s ability to change…  As we continued to talk, he started laughing…  Everything he told me was true, however there was more to the story…  You see he’s still the same cheater he’s always been, just (Click HERE to read more)


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