You Have Nothing To Prove…


Why are you trying to prove your worth to people who will never see, understand, or appreciate it?  People who see you as they see themselves?  People who appraise your value based on the measurement of their success?

Why are you hoping to prove you’re innocent to people who have already found you guilty?  Looking to prove you’re straight to people who are convinced you’re gay?

Why are you wasting time hoping to prove you’re smart to people who believe you’re stupid af?  People who have placed limits on your future and profiled you because of your past?

Why are you aiming to prove to a man you’re a good woman when he’s not even a good man?  Prove to a man you’re better woman than the woman he left you for?

Why are you stressing over proving to a woman you’re not like other men when she’s stuck in (Click HERE to read more)


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