The Importance Of A Name…


So over the weekend I binged Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why”…  An amazing show that shines light on many of the issues kids are dealing with each and every day of their lives…  Issues like Suicide, Rape, Bullying, Peer Pressure and so many other things many  feel ashamed to talk about…  As I watched the show, I thought about the people I encounter every day…  Whether it’s at the gym, work, church, or even walking through WalMart…  I thought about how many of them are visible to the eyes, yet their souls are hiding in the darkness of depression, stress, and anxiety…

I’m known at the gym as the guy who knows everyone…  Most times if someone wants to know a person’s name, I’m their “Go to Person”…  You see I never take any encounter for granted and I’ve learned over the years the greatest compliment you can give to anyone is remembering their name…  How many of you walk pass people each and every day, yet you’ve never asked them their name?  You smile, nod, may give eye contact, but you’ve never took the time to introduce yourself…  Or how many of you have been given the name of someone, yet you’ve never committed it to memory???  Every time you see him/her, you say “What’s up bro?”; “Hey girl”, hoping the conversation is short and quick so you’re not exposed…  People shouldn’t be required to be your bestie, family member, or in your close circle (Click HERE to read more)


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