You’ve Changed Hun…


I’m always blown away when seeing a phine chic and a busted dude???  Or how about a well-groomed man walking beside an un-kept woman???  I feel like It’s an unequal relationship, one get’s “Eye Candy” while the other suffers an “Eye Sore”…  Now I know with time and gravity, everything doesn’t sit where it might have used to, but is that a good reason to allow it to all just hang???

I have some buds who hit the gym pretty hard, but they’re wives/girlfriends are nowhere to be found…  When asking where she is, most times the answer is almost always the same…  “Well, she said I’m too hard on her when working out”…  Excuses, excuses, excuses…  Now these same women benefit from looking at a man in great shape, yet when it comes time for sex, “Babe, can you turn out the lights, please???”  WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF????  Darkness only blocks what the eyes can see, not what the hand can feel…  But here’s the kicker, these same women are insecure af, always charging their man up about wearing cologne, taking extra steps to keep himself looking good…  These same (Click HERE to read more)


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