Becky Can’t Comb Mix Hair…

So last night I had dinner with 5 amazing, beautiful, educated, talented and creative women…  2 of which are married and the others, you guessed it “Waiting for “Mr. Right for Me””…  I love meeting up with these women because they always bring a viewpoint that is interesting, unique, and sometimes borderline ludicrous…   But it’s conversations like the ones we have that holds the power to change the world if they go beyond the moment…

So last night the whole “interracial dating” topic came up…  This is where the title came from, a fellow CANCER gave it to me (SUCH CREATIVE PEOPLE)…  Am I opposed to interracial dating???  Of course not…  Would I marry outside of my race???  Of course not…  You see marriage isn’t for me, so interracial marriages or marrying within my race is not an option… However, I believe people should have the right to choose freely without being judge…   What was interesting about our conversation is these women believe SOME African American men are chasing the dream…  You know “Chasing White”…  They’ve experienced African American men who have made it known and clear dating WITHIN HIS RACE IS NOT AN OPTION…  Are they aiming to date Caucasian women???  Not sure, BUT they’re for sure not targeting African American Women….

Now these ladies seem to believe it’s because of various reasons…  Let’s go ahead and pull the sheet off the Elephant standing in the middle of the room, they believe it’s because Caucasian women are more submissive whereas African American women aren’t putting up with; taking, nor accepting (Click HERE to read more)


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