3 Reasons He Played Her…


So yesterday I was having a conversation with a female friend of mine… Attractive woman who has one of the most loving spirits and biggest hearts I know…  Recently she met a guy who at first FaceTime her every morning….  Nonstop texts throughout the day… Phone call every evening on his way home and a late night FaceTime session right before going to bed…  Out of nowhere, everything stops… No warning, no signs, just NO COMMUNICATION…   She reaches out, he doesn’t respond… She hits him up on Facebook, he reads the message, but doesn’t respond…  DM’d on IG, but no response…  With Social Media these days it’s kinda easy to know if someone has boarded the “Glory Train”, you know have crossed over; kicked the bucket; got their wings???  But this wasn’t the case, he just chose not to communicate with her…

So this past week, guess what…  HE SURFACES…  No amnesia or death…  Of course, like a fool she was happy to hear from him…  She goes through all of the “I tried calling; texting, etc” bs and she finally gussie up the nerves to ask “What happened?  Did I do anything???”.  Of course his response was “No, it wasn’t you….  It was me”.  But here’s the kicker folks, he has the audacity to tell her“You were moving kinda fast, so I backed off…  The “Good Morning” text scared me, made me feel you were more serious than I”….  So let me get to the point here…  My friend, sadly to say was a fool in this situation…  Once his actions clearly told her he wanted nothing to do with her, she should have listened and acted accordingly….  So here are 3 reason I believe she got played…

  • Too Available…  She was available every time he called, texted, or could fit her into his schedule…  Sadly to say, “Availability” in the world today is somewhat a turnoff…  People want to chase, capture, and conquer…  I know playing games is frustrating, however most people aren’t interested in someone who is readily available at their beck and call, JUST THE TIMES WE’RE LIVING IN…  For some “Availability” represents clingy, no dreams and passion, NO LIFE…  Instead of waiting for him to call, she should have been walking into what she’s called to do…

  • Too Much… As harmless as a “Good Morning” text may be, sometimes it can be perceived as you’re moving too fast in the beginning…  You must learn who you are with before giving them all of you…  Everyone can’t (Click HERE to read more)


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