WAYMENT: Karma, Is That You???


Dear Karma,

It seems we meet again…  For whatever reason, you’ve decided to show up on my door step… Did I beckon for you, Boo?  If so, please tell me when…  Last I checked, it seems you’re dropping off everyone else’s payback and leaving it for me to deal with; go through, and suffer from…  So you’re wondering what I’m talking about, right???  Well, I’ve never cheated on my man/woman, but I’m with someone who can’t seem to stay loyal and committed to me…  I’ve never stolen anything from anyone, but my things are always taken out of my locker at the gym or my car broken into right in front of my home, or how about when my  info was used to get those credit cards that f’d up my credit…  My entire life, I’ve never tried to get anyone fired on my job, but it seems like everyone is coming for me and worried about what I’m doing or not doing at work…   So, you might want to come and get this crap, because you’ve left it for the wrong person…   Get back at me, I want to hear from ya…

The Wrong One

Hey You,

You’re right, we are meeting yet again…  Now I’m a little confused by you being (Click HERE to read more)


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