Naw, That Ain’t What Happened!!!


Wouldn’t it be easier if we just owned up to our mistakes???  You know like not blame someone else for our “screw-ups” and what has happened in our lives???  Maybe you can remember the “Jerry Springer Show” … If so, do you remember the shows that dealt with cheaters???   How the victim ran out onto the stage and instantly attack the outsider while their mate sat there untouched???  It’s like their mates were acquitted of their crime, but the “outsider” was sentenced to death…  Is it because the “outsider” should have known a “committed” individual is off limits?  Is it because the “outsider” should have had more respect for herself/himself and not interfered with what God has ordained???

Well just like these “nut jobs” on the show, many of you are attacking and blaming outside forces for your problems…  It could be a cheating spouse; parent, sibling, or friend…  It could be a dead end job or a job in which you feel you can’t seem to get ahead…  Now here’s a good one, it could be the “White Man/Woman” trying to keep the “Black Man/Woman” from getting ahead…  It could be various things, but one thing I know for sure is, when you’re determined, nothing can stop you… 

So let’s look at the “people” problems for a minute… it’s the outsider’s fault your mate had sex with them…  It’s their fault because he/she forced your mate to get undressed and step outside of your marriage…  Have you ever considered that maybe your mate is the problem?  That just maybe you’re in a relationship or married to a trifflin person???  Then there (Click HERE to read more)


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