Have You Asked???


“I can never please you” is how some of you left your home feeling this today… It seems like nothing you do is satisfactory to the one you love…You cook, clean, take care of the children, but that’s not enough…  You take out the trash, clean up behind yourself, take care of the bills, but that’s not enough…  NOTHING YOU DO IS ENOUGH!!!

It’s amazing how so many of you are in relationships and you don’t even know what it takes to please the one you’re with…  You’re giving and doing things in which they’ve never asked for…  You’ve allowed your perception of what a “Perfect Mate”  overshadow what the “Perfect Mate for Him/Her” truly is…  Some of you have forsaken your dreams, passion and purpose because of an illusion of what you think it takes to please the opposite sex…  You’re daily portraying someone you’re not and all your efforts seems to be in vain because NOTHING YOU DO IS ENOUGH!!!

So let me ask you this…  When was the last time you and your mate had a “heart-to-heart”?  You know that conversation that breaks down the walls of perceptions (Click HERE to read more)


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