You Are WORTH More Than You Think…


Life has screwed some of you up pretty bad…  Right now at this very moment, you’re feeling worthless; like your life has fallen apart and left you there to die… You’re walking around masked with a smile outwardly, yet you’re screaming as loud as you can inwardly…  Not sure why or how you’ve reached this place, but whatever has happened, it has left you feeling like crap… 

Words hurt, don’t they???  Words have crushed some of you… Not sure who spoke them, but whomever it was they were important enough to wound the core of who you truly are… Their words had so much meaning in your life until now you question your worth… You’re questioning if you’re good; thin; smart; pretty/handsome enough…   You’re questioning everything about yourself all from the words spoken by a hurt person aiming to hurt you…

Divorces hurt, don’t they???  Divorce has crushed some of you… Not sure what happened, but the residue of your marriage/spouse leaving has left you feeling as though your heart was ripped out; no one else will ever want to marry you; or that you’re washed up goods and should hide in a corner…  You’re now questioning if someone will love someone like you; want someone like you; find someone like you attractive…  You gave him/her the best of you, now you’re left feeling as though you’re left with the “worst of you”…

Getting Fired hurt, don’t it???  Getting fired has crushed some of you…  Not sure exactly why you were let go, but being fired has tarnished your ego…  You’re (Click HERE to read more)


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