Why Your Spouse Is Jealous Of Your Friends!!!

So what grants permission for friendships when you’re married?  Is it the “Marital Status” of the outsider? The “Security” within the marriage?  Is it whether or not the person is a “true” family member?  The “Gender” of the outsider???  What does it take for “spouses” to have friends and everything is okay?  I believe we’ve all heard “Singles shouldn’t be friends with people who are married” or how about “Men and women can’t just be friends without some type of benefits”??? To be honest, I believe both of these are a bunch of ish used to mask the insecurities of the mate who feels as though they’re the outsider…  You see it doesn’t matter what the relationship status or the gender of the outsider is, the spouse looking from the outside is either insecure within themselves or insecure with their spouse because of his/her past actions…  Let me put this out, there are some friends who are trifflin, i get this…  BUT IF YOUR MATE CHOOSES TO CONTINUE THEIR FRIENDSHIP, YOUR PROBLEM IS WITH YOUR MATE AND NOT THE LOW DOWN, DIRTY, TRIFFLIN FRIEND….
So why is your spouse jealous of your friends???  Well it’s because he/she wants what the two of you have…  If those who are insecure with their mates having friends were completely honest with themselves, they would come to this exact truth…  You see your friends gets the best of you…  They have the opportunities of experiencing the “you” who  (Click HERE to read more)

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