“Love” & “Hurt” Are A Packaged Deal…


Many of you are struggling with finding love, and I’m not only talking about those of you who are single… Sadly to say, some of you are currently either in a relationship or married, but “love” is nowhere to be found…  You like the one you’re with, fond of them in every way, but “love” you don’t…  So let’s take a look at the situation…  Is it because there are no eligible people out there?  NOPE…  Is it because your mate has lied in the past?  NOPE…  Is it because you’re unlovable?   NOPE…  Many of you can’t find love because you fear being hurt…

Trust me when I say, I understand the pain of hurt…  In the past, I’ve been hurt tremendously, but I survived…  I can remember when I made attempts to guard my heart, but in all honesty I was only blocking it…   I thought (Click HERE to read more)


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