Maybe You Need To Mop…


So the plan was to come home, have a nice dinner with a glass of wine, and start reading “No Cream In The Middle”, boy was I in for a surprise…  As I pulled into my driveway I noticed water coming from the corner of my garage…  I stopped, opened the door only to see water flowing from my house all the way down the alley…  I let up the garage and water was everywhere…  Walked into the house, water all over the kitchen floor…  Walk through the living area, no water, so for a second I thought I was in the clear, boy was I in for a surprise…  Enter into my bedroom, carpet soaked…  Enter into my bathroom, floor covered with water…  For a second there, I almost lost my cool…

As I’m walking back into the kitchen my phone rings and it’s my best bud…  After explaining exactly what has happened he sympathizes, offers to come through and help out, but my response was “I need to mop my floors anyways”…  You see I could have lost my cool, got all bent out of shape and allowed what seems to be a major disaster get the best of me, but that would have only delayed and distracted me…  I could have gotten depressed because I’m now having to spend money; go without hot water for a day or so…  I could have gotten all up in my feelings and allowed time to pass me by as the water continued to sit there  on the floor…   I could have allowed this situation to get the best of me, but I chose to find a way to find the best in it..  You see I have a home warranty, so it’s taken care of…  I have towels and comforters to soak up the water, so it’s taken care of…  I have a carpet cleaner in which I’ve used to soak up the water, so it’s taken care of…  I needed to mop my floors and clean my carpet, so I just look at this as a way of God positioning me to do some things I’ve been putting off… 

So where am I going with this???  Well there are going to be times when circumstances flood your life..  There are going to be times when you have plans, but life changes them without warning…  There are going to be times when you’re faced with losing your cool or keeping calm….  But when these moments happen, will you see the flood as water you can use to mop the floor?  Or will you allow it to sit there and damage everything you’ve worked so hard for??? 

What I know for sure is…  God has a way of making us do things we’ve been putting off…  Maybe it’s a simple chore or something pretty complex…  God sometimes position us where we have no other choice but to do the things we’ve been putting off…  Maybe you’ve lost your job, this may be the time for you to go back to school…  Maybe your spouse or mate has left you behind, this may be Gods way of getting them out of your life because He knows you can’t walk away…  Just because you can’t see clearly God’s hand on your situation, doesn’t mean it’s not there…  Like I say all the time, God is strategic in how He chooses to do things for us…  Just maybe the water on your floor (Problems in your life) isn’t because of a freak accident (Coincidence), maybe it’s there for you to accomplish what you’ve told Him you want to achieve…  Find the best in your situation and use it to your advantage…

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