Fix This Before Doing This…

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a “Fix It” button???  You know a button we could press and all our problems would instantly disappear???  Well there isn’t, so happily to say, SOME OF YOU GOTTA PUT IN THE WORK…  It’s amazing how many of you reading today believe a relationship or marriage is going to fix your life…  In your head, you see yourself as attractive and a great catch, but for whatever reason no one else seems to agree…  Some of you are currently engaged and about to ruin an innocent person’s life all because you’re broken and need some fixing…  Here are five things you all should consider fixing in YOU before breaking someone else…
  • Fix Yo Past:  Now your past isn’t something you can change, but it’s something that can change you…  Many of you are walking around with unhealed wounds and you’re infecting everyone you come in contact with… You’re toxic because you’ve never taken time to deal with the issues of you past…  You’re insecure, unable to trust and everything that takes you out of your scary comfort zone, triggers a boat load of problems…  You’re walking around with “Daddy/Mommy Issues”, brokenness, suicidal thoughts, carrying tons of generational curses, and you’re pissed off and punishing every man/woman because of your past…  You can’t have a healthy relationship if your mind, spirit, and soul is infected with toxic…
  • Fix Yo Attitude:  Sadly to say, some of you want to be married, but you have the nastiest attitude ever… You’re selfish, rude, and a few of your ex’s have called you names in which I won’t mention in this blog…  Now I get you’re just being you, but have you ever taken into consideration everyone else can’t always be the problem???  That “just (Click HERE to read more)

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