Single -vs- Married -vs- Divorced


It’s amazing how so many people get married for the wrong reason…  Many say it’s love, but in all honesty it’s more about the experience of getting the ring, the bachelor and bachelorette parties, the elaborate wedding, and amazing honeymoon…   Oh yeah, let’s not forget the financial come up, giving birth, giving the perception of happiness, and not growing old alone… Now don’t get me wrong, marriage is good for those who want it, but sometimes marriage isn’t the answer to what’s really going on inside…

So what’s the difference between Singleness and Marriage???  Well outside of the sin free sex, the supposedly permanent roommate, giving birth to a child without the letter “B” tattooed on his/her forehead, not too much… You see depending on whom you choose to marry, determines the outcome of the marriage…  Now in no way am I encouraging premarital sex, but Singles some of you are having more sex than those who are married… Fellas, if you only knew how many of your married homeboys who are envying your life…  They look at your life and see the blessing of the freedom, the limitless opportunities to have whomever you want or to just have sex period…  Many of them (Click HERE to read more)


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