Be The “Bigger Person”, REALLY???


Maybe you remember the scene from “Color Purple” where Celie was trying to encourage Sophia to stick around after Harpo (husband), was whipping her head…. I mean she knew the man was whipping her for breakfast, lunch and dinner, yet she encouraged her to stick around because “Trouble don’t last always”…  You know be the “bigger person”???  At some point in life, I think we’ve all had to take on the role of the “Bigger Person”… You know the person who silences themselves when they want to speak…  The person who chooses to go high when the one coming up against them chooses to go low…  Or how about the person who chooses to stick around even after the action of others have asked them to leave…  One of the biggest misconception of being the “bigger person” is if you choose to let it go, you have to stick around…  Today I want to talk to those of you who are currently being the “bigger person” in situations you need to let go…

Some of you reading are currently being the bigger person in situations where your spouses have either repeatedly slept with or currently sleeping with others; disrespecting your relationship in various ways; driving your credit through the gutter and sadly to say, there are those of you who are taking punches and blows in which you don’t deserve…   You’re being the “bigger person” because of that one clause in your vows…  You know the one that goes something like “through thick  (Click HERE to read more)


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