How To Turn Your “Worst Relationship” Into The “Best Relationship” Of Your Life!!!


So raise your hands if you’ve ever been in or currently in a “Bad Relationship”?   Now for those of you who’ve raised your hands and we can’t even see you, I LOVE YOU!!!  You see raising your hand is a true testament to where you’ve been and where you are today…  Like you, I’ve had my share of “bad relationships” as well…  I’ve been hurt, broken, and left feeling as though I’d lost everything…  I can remember feeling as though my world was over; the pain was too much to bear, and that I couldn’t live without my heart which was being held by someone who didn’t want me anymore…  Some of my worst relationships have now become my best…  The relationships I thought really broke me in all honesty are those in which have “made me”…  Those relationships taught me just how strong I am, weak I can be and have taught me to show forgiveness and compassion to those who are where I used to be…

Some of you are feeling as though you’ve wasted your time on someone who didn’t deserve it… You stuck around when their actions begged you to walk away…  You forgave when their actions begged you to walk away…  You took ish you didn’t deserve overlooking their actions begging and pleading you to walk away…  Today you find yourself regretting ever loving the one who hurt you because you’re older; maybe thicker, not as pretty/good looking as you used to be, and wondering whether or not someone will love the scraps they’ve left behind…  You’re ashamed because you were a fool, got played, used and abused, and because you ignored the signs right in your face….  Secretly you’re hurt because you did everything in your power to make them love, respect, and cherish you…  You’re hurt because you gave your body, body, body, body, body, body, body, and more of your body…  Don’t act brand new, you know how we use “make up sex” to fix “break up” type of situations…  Regardless to your tactics, today you haven’t found the help in the hurt…

You’re better because of that bad relationship.  Whether you’ve realized it or not, your “ex” or your “current” has helped your future…  They’ve taught you lessons a good relationship never could…  Lessons a good man/woman never could…  They’ve taught you your limits, shown (Click HERE to read more)


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