The 3 Types Of People Surrounding You…


Many of you are filled with world changing ideas, but they’re stuck in your head… You’re either procrastinating, afraid, or being held back and don’t even know it… I’m learning more and more each day, we’re surrounded by 3 types of people…  We’re surrounded by those who will push us forward, pull us backward, and those who are putting no effort into helping us be our best selves…  Today, I want to talk about these three people, so here we go…

  • Sees the potential in you, but does nothing about it… Some of you really need to examine your circles…  In your circle of closest friends are people who lack ambition, drive, and passion…  They have no dreams, aspirations or goals, they’re just happy living from pay check to pay check and making it through the day…  Because they’re what I like to call “coasters”, they’re not encouraging you to pursue greater…  You’ve shared your dreams, but they never ask you how your pursuit is going, nor do they ever encourage you to get started on your pursuit…  These people aren’t bad for the “you” you are today, but they’re detrimental to the “you” you’re supposed to be…  Right now, they’re not hurting, but they sho in hell ain’t helping…

  • Sees potential in you, but doesn’t want you to reach it…  In your circle or people who are secretly threatened by the person you are…  They smile in your face, but cut you behind your back…  Maybe you haven’t heard (Click HERE to read more)


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