The Importance Of Honesty With Yourself…


Do you know the longer you lie to yourself, the longer it’s going to take to heal, remove, and accept yourself??? Well it’s true…  Many times we lie because we believe the truth is more painful than continuing the lie…  We’re afraid of feeling uncomfortable and alone; stripping ourselves down to the core and seeing the “f’d up” truth about ourselves…  We’re afraid if we stop lying people will no longer desire or like us…  We’re afraid who we truly are won’t be accepted or approved of…  We’re afraid God will no longer love someone as bruised, broken and battered as we are… There are so many reasons we lie, but there’s only one reason you should tell the truth…

For 38 years I lied to myself… I lied because of fear of letting others down… I lied because I wanted to be accepted into groups I should have never been apart of…  I lied because I wanted to feel loved by people who didn’t even love themselves…  I was lying to avoid dealing with the true issues which was ME…  At the core of who I was at the time, I didn’t feel good enough…  I didn’t feel like I deserved better, so I accepted whatever was given to me…  Because of these feelings I found (Click HERE to read more)


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