3 Lessons Of “Leaving”…


Today many of you find yourselves feeling as though you’re stuck between a rock and a brick wall…  Feelings of being trapped has overwhelmed you and regardless to which way you turn, there’s nowhere to go… Today I want to share with you 3 Lessons I’ve learned from “leaving”…

First, “leaving” teaches us what we had…  It shows us whether or not the “one” or the “thing” we left behind was good or bad for us…  We’ve all heard “you never know what you had until it’s gone” and boy is this true…  You realize whether they were an “asset” or “liability” when they’re no longer there…  The realization of whether or not they were the “best” or “worst” thing to have ever happened to you surfaces…  You realize the value or detriment they placed into your life…  Whatever the case may be, you realize what you had…

Secondly, “leaving” teaches them what they had…  It shows what we really brought to or took from the table… It shows the importance of appreciating the good, letting go of the unimportant, and working through the bad…  “Leaving” shows exactly what you did in their lives…  You know like the things taken for granted, assumed would be taken care of, and the things only you knew about…  “Leaving” opens their eyes to whether or not you “had their” or “stabbed them in their” back…  It reveals how you “pushed them forward” or “pulled them backwards”…  Whatever the case may be, they realize what they had…

Lastly, “leaving” teaches us who we are…  It shows us just how strong, brave and courageous we are…  Leaving reveals all the lessons of the experiences we’ve had, how we should move forward, and what we should take with us…  It will teach you things you didn’t even know (Click HERE to read more)


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