“Roommates With Benefits”


So I think we’ve all heard of “Friends With Benefits”…  You know those friends who give a lil extra “sum-en, sum-en” every now and then…   The friends who won’t commit to each other emotionally, but don’t mind committing physically…  The “Netfix And Chill” buds or “wayment”, how about those two people who really aren’t friends, but just like the convenience of having sex with the familiar…  I think at some point we’ve all experienced a “Friends With Benefits” type of situation, so don’t act brand new…  Some of you reading became a “FWB” without your consent, you thought it was going to be more, but it turned out less than what you expected…  The two of you were reading different books and the only thing you’re left with are the memories and feeling’s of being played…

Most of you haven’t heard of “Roommates With Benefits” and that’s probably due to the fact I just made it up this morning, lol…  For decades we’ve known “Roommates With Benefits” as “Shacking”, “Common Law Marriage” and what most of us know today as “Cohabitation”…  You know those people who are living together without the blessing of God and the recognition of the State in which they’re living…. The two people their mates family is going to disown when it comes to splitting the insurance policy… The people who not only want to taste the milk before taking home the cow, but they’re having steaks, beef jerky, and a few beef fajita tacos every Tuesday… Lets not forget those couples who have decided marriage is defined by the heart, not by a certificate…  Or how about those Scientists who lack degree’s, yet experimenting with living with someone before jumping broom…  You know they’re just testing the waters, before diving into the pool…

So a loyal reader here at JohnPatrickAdams.com asked (Click HERE to read more)


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