Who’s On The Other Side???


I’ve learned over the years if you want to know whose wrong for you, fix what’s wrong in you…  Whether or not you believe it, your circle is a reflection of your core…  Who you choose to befriend, date, marry, or even associate with is a direct reflection of who you believe you are or what you believe you’re worth… 

I can remember when I thought I wasn’t worth anything…  My esteem was low, I was overweight, skin was jacked up and sadly to say, my mind was f’d up… Because of the way I felt inwardly about myself, outwardly I portrayed it… At the time almost every relationship whether it was intimate or platonic seemed to have been toxic… Friendships filled with gossip, malicious talk and conversations that dealt with everything except for what was important, improving ourselves…  Relationships filled with lies, lack of trust, indiscretions and behaviors I’m not so proud of today…  I mean everything in my world seemed to have been spiraling downward, but sadly to say, I was comfortable in it…  I was comfortable in the toxic, because I was toxic…  For years the poisonous and toxic behavior was all I knew…  Where it all began, I can’t quite tell ya, but I do know it wasn’t good… 

When I finally stepped into the light, overnight it seemed as though my life changed…  I didn’t have to cut people off, they left…  Not because I made them feel uncomfortable, but because what I was talking about they weren’t interested in…  I didn’t have to break off relationships, they seemed to have broken themselves off…  Not because I set demands for change, but because I set expectations for myself and no longer willing to accept anything less….  I no longer cared if I was going to be (Click HERE to read more)


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