You’ll Never Be Number One…


With all the games, drama, and complexity that comes with dating today many of you find yourself being the “understudy” in a production that already has a “star”…  Maybe you didn’t know the role of wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, bae or boo was already cast when you arrived…  Maybe you didn’t know you were going to get all entangled in a situation where the other person was unavailable…  Or maybe you did know, however you’ve fallen for the unfulfilled and broken promises of you being the “main squeeze” sooner than later…  Whatever your story is, today you find yourself in a situation where three is a crowd and unfortunately, you’re the third wheel known by one, but not by the other…

If we’re all honest with ourselves, we all have issues and things we need to work on or work out, so this is not a judgmental post, but one to bring truth your way…  If you’re the side piece, other woman, “The John”, friend with benefits, dude waiting in the cuff, YOU WILL NEVER BE NUMBER ONE…  You will always be the runner up, Miss Congeniality, or the plumber who knows how to clean pipes…   When finding yourself in situations in which the person is committed to someone else, truthfully (Click HERE to read more)


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