Why Are You Begging Him/Her To….???


I believe one of the hardest things for a single to do is accepting the one you want, don’t quite feel the same way as you…  I mean it’s crushing to know your own beauty, but have someone who doesn’t see nor desires it…  I mean you’re a great person, would be a great addition to their life, but for whatever reason they’ve decided to pass you by…  It hurts and trust me when I say, I understand…  I understand how it feels to want someone so badly, yet he/she doesn’t want you…  I understand how it feels to go out of your way to show someone you’re really into them, yet he/she acts like you don’t exist…  I understand completely how you’re feeling today because I’ve worn those shoes… 

 Many of you today are begging someone whom through actions have shown you either you’re not their type, they’re not interested in what you have to offer, or they’re just not into you…   You’re begging them to like you just as much as you like them…  You’re begging them to find you attractive, make the first move, initiate or express interest towards you, yet they do nothing…  Many of you are reading thinking, “I haven’t begged anyone” and boy are you lying to yourself…. You’re begging them through your actions…  Begging by buying gifts for someone (Click HERE to read more)


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