We Ain’t Together…

I’m beginning to think I’m not “dating material”…. It’s like right now whomever I choose to date has to understand I’m passionate about my grind, I love and give my family and friends a great deal of attention, I’m a Cancer which sometimes causes me to be moody which results in me not always feeling like FaceTime, Texting or chatting on the phone and most importantly, I HAD A LIFE BEFORE THEIR APPEARANCE INTO MY WORLD must be taken into consideration… Trust me when I say, I get in the beginning of meeting someone you have to devote time and energy into building a relationship, I get this… However, I believe many times both women and men mentally move into a relationship that’s only a situationship… Yep, “situationship”… The current “situation” is two people getting to know each other, not embarking upon marriage or a relationship….

Many times expectations are placed on a casual situation… Sure maybe he shares how he enjoys spending time with you; how he’s never met someone like you before, or how about how he hopes the two of you can build something together… But none of these things mean the two of you are together… Sure maybe she gives you a kiss after the first date; invites you over for dinner with no DESSERT, or how about she sends you a nice text each and every morning… But none of these things mean the two of you are together… It’s amazing how things can be misinterpreted in dating… How one person takes everything as an indication as the other wanting to move forward into a relationship… So today let me help you not hurt you… Just (Click HERE to read more)


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