The Lies Of “Changing You”…


I’ve written numerous blogs regarding women seeking to change a man…  Blogs dealing with men dominating and controlling women until they completely surrender and become the empty shell he wants, but I’ve never written about how sometimes we seek to change ourselves to fix someone else..    So today I want to talk to those of you who have been convinced by either and outside force or yourselves in order for your situation to improve, you must change who you are to fix what is broken within your situation… 

Recently I heard a quote “Buying a house won’t fix a home…” and honestly I wished I came up with it, because it’s so on point…  As I dived deeper into what I thought this meant, I thought of many of you…  I think we’ve all been in situations with the wrong person…  You know the one we want, but the one we shouldn’t have… For whatever reason, our connection is broken…  Many times we seek to change the other person and after many failed attempts, we come to the conclusion it is us that’s the problem…  We convince (Click HERE to read more)


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