When The One You Want Is “Unavailable”…


Have you ever met someone who compliments you?  I mean everything about him/her compliments everything about you…  You’re smart, they’re smart…  You’re corky, they’re corky…  You’re ambitious, they’re ambitious… Everything you are, they seem to be…  I mean they are perfect for you, however there’s a glitch in this program we call life…  The one you want so happens to be had by someone else… 

As happy as you would like to be for your friend or this person, secretly you’re somewhat disappointed…  Disappointed because you’ve waited your entire life to meet someone who makes your heart smile, yet they’re unavailable… Disappointed because it seems as though God is playing tricks on your heart…  Destiny introduces you to someone who seems to be the perfect match, yet it tells you “Hands Off”… Even though you’ve never expressed your true (Click HERE to read more)


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