He Won’t “Wife” You…


So one of my newest television craves is this show called “Married At First Sight”…  I mean the concept is original, the people are real and the idea of marrying someone without ever meeting them sounds ludicrous, but for some it seems to work…  For a brief moment, both get the chance to bailout at the very last minute…  You know like instead of saying “I Do”, he/she could say “I Don’t”, but so far no one has taken this option…  So let me ask you this… Would you participate in an experiment as such???  Would you marry someone without knowing anything about them???  I mean there’s no history between the two of you, therefore no one is carrying baggage from previous experiences with the other…

For some of you ladies reading, you’re currently dating a man who has secretly chosen “I Don’t” as his option…  Breaking it all the way down for you, YOU’RE NEVER GOING TO BE HIS WIFE…  It could be because his palette has become used to what you’re serving up…  Meaning, he’s got the cookies and now he wants the taste of cookies in another jar… It could be he’s realize you’re not “Wifey” material, but you’re a good “Right Now” Girlfriend…  It could possibly be you’re sensitive and he’s waiting for the perfect time to break it off…  Then it could mean you’re crazy af, dramatic, over the top and he fears for his life, so he’s sticking around just to avoid your wrath…  Whatever his reason maybe, you’re never going to have his last name…

Some of you are reading and feel I’ve just punched you in your face…  Deep inside you know what I’m writing is true and you’re even wondering if I know your man…  Fortunately (Click HERE to read more)


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